Marriage proposals have become quite a thing these days. The ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ from social media has especially made it so. The average person fantasizes about how their marriage proposal would go than about actually getting married. That is not entirely a bad thing as marriage and all its trappings are worth fuzzing over.

Public and private marriage proposals each have their own pros and cons, and the question of “which is better” really comes down to personal choices. Whatever you do, just make sure that your marriage proposal does not earn you a slap or a news story on Instablog or Linda Ikeji’s blog. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of a public and private marriage proposal.

The Public Proposal

Basically, a public proposal has to do with asking someone to marry you in a public place – with people around.

Having family and friends to share in your special day is not a bad idea if your partner is cool with a public display of affection. Public proposals come with their bad sides. There is always that big thought – what if she says no. So you have to be ready for the worst.

Public proposals put undue and unfair pressure on your partner as she is naturally expected not to ‘fall your hand’ in public. She can either walk away, slap your ring and one of your teeth away, say yes and mean it or say yes in order to save your face and call it off when both of you are alone.

It is important to properly gauge every factor before going doing a public proposal. One, be sure that your partner is comfortable with a public proposal. Although, this may be difficult, be sure that she really wants to marry you. You can find on by subtly pitching it into random conversations before your propose.

The Private Proposal

A private proposal involves just you and your partner and maybe a photographer on standby. It may be at a romantic dinner or indoor.

The private proposal also has its own pros and cons. For one thing, it’s very intimate. A private proposal immediately becomes this romantic moment that no one else shares, something you both will remember fondly for the rest of your lives.

This actually brings me to the second con: no one else is there to celebrate! Being in love is great; it makes us want to jump up and down and shout it from the rooftops. But if no one is there to hear us, it’s not always as fun. If you’re getting engaged to someone who loves celebrating with family and friends, a private proposal can be a little anticlimactic.

So, which proposal style is best? Honestly, it really depends on you and your partner. If you guys are the life of the party, a public proposal might be a blast. If you’re more introverted, a private moment will be much appreciated. It is important to know your partner well enough to decide. If you do not, then there is no need to get married to that person.

Or you could always compromise and have a private proposal with a party immediately after! Think about your relationship and what will make your future spouse happiest and you would know which to go for.

By Elvis

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